LG Chem Batteries

Who are they?

Having continued to grow over 7 decades since founded in 1947, LG Chem is literally the company leading the chemical industry in Korea.

The company has built the global network for production, sales and R&D not only in Korea but also in main bases across the world and has provided globally competitive products including ABS, polarizers and EV battery cells, raising its global position as a material supplier.

LG Chem leads the future eco-friendly energy industry with the development of proprietary materials and next-generation battery cells.

LG Chem, which is the only chemistry-based company among global battery cell manufacturers, has led the world lithium-ion battery market by leveraging its proprietary material technologies.

Positioned as a global leader in the battery industry for EVs and Energy Storage Systems (ESS), the company has actively developed new products based on its proprietary technologies and has secured the battery production capacity as a global player to raise the dominance in the next-generation energy market.

AceOn Manufacture LG Chem Battery Packs

AceOn design, manufacture and assemble bespoke Li-Ion battery packs using LG battery cells. AceOn manufacture many different battery packs with LG Chem cells but most notably using their Lithium Ion 18650 cells. Our technical team has many years experience working with LG Chem manufactured cells which means we can answer any query you have on their batteries.


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