Battery Pack Design Service

Experts in designing Custom Built Battery Packs

AceOn has many years experience in designing customised battery packs according to your power requirements, your budget and your time-frame. It is important to design the correct battery solution to maximise the potential of your application.


We have a team of mechanical and electronics engineers that can offer you a customised battery pack design with the most suitable battery chemistry and configuration. No project is too small, too large or too complicated.  


We have provided battery pack solutions for a variety of different industries such as defence, medical, oil & gas and automotive.

Your custom designed battery pack will be developed and built in the UK and our battery design and manufacturing team have the capability of working with you throughout the whole battery design and manufacturing process. We can build prototypes as well small to large scale battery pack production 

How to select the correct battery pack


First of all, you must get to know your device:

  • What is device's input voltage (V)?

  • What is its power consumption (Wattage)?

  • What is maximum current drain (A)?

  • What is your expected running time by a battery pack ?

Decide battery pack voltage you will choose

  • Battery pack voltage must be equal or a little higher than your device’s need.

  • If you need a exact voltage, which battery pack cannot provide, you may consider to use a DC-DC regulator

Decide battery pack's Capacity (mAh or Ah)

Battery capacity is depended on how long you need to run your device ( hours ), which can be calculated as the follow:

(Ah) = Device's Wattage (W) x Time to run (Hours) / Battery Voltage (V)

For example, if using a 12V battery pack, and run 10W DC device for 10 hours, you need choose a battery pack with capacity > 8.3Ah, e.g

(10x10)/12 = 8.3Ah

1000 mAh = 1Ah

Decide battery pack’s max. discharging current

  • Before order battery pack, you must pay attention on battery pack’s max. discharging rating on the specification or description. Please don’t think any battery can take any current drain.

  • You shall know your device’s max. discharging current. If you don’t know , you must measure it by a multi-meter.

  • The battery pack’s max. discharging rate of the chosen battery must be higher than that device requires

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