Battery Pack Configurations

How to Configure your Battery Pack

Custom battery pack configurations are how the individual battery cells are connected together to create a complete battery pack assembly.


AceOn's design team can work with you to suggest the most suitable custom battery pack configuration depending on the size requirements you have as well as the electrical requirements because they will need to put the battery cells in series or parallel depending on the voltage and capacity you require.


There are many different battery pack configurations that need to be considered when designing a battery pack for your end product and below you will find some standard battery pack configurations:

B Format

Cells are welded together end to end to create a stick battery pack.

C Format

Single layer cells are joined next to each other to create a side by side battery pack.

BC Format

This is a combination of both of the above formats. Cells are welded together on top of each other and next to each other to create a side by side stick battery pack. 

Cluster Format

Cells are clustered together evenly to create a cluster battery pack.

Standard Battery Pack Format

Cells are welded side by side in both directions to create a standard battery pack

Nested Format

Cells are welded in between the cell channels to create a nested battery pack

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